I love photos. LOVE them. Not just the act of taking them, but photos themselves, those wonderful, tangible memories and moments in time.  I've surrounded myself with them since the day my sister gave me my first hand-me-down camera, age ten. 
It's a rare day that you won't catch me with a camera in my hand at some point, be it my trusty Nikon, one of my vintage film cameras, or just the camera on my phone. After all, someone once said that the world's best camera is the one you have with you. I have thousands of images in albums and on hard drives, and I love nothing better than to haul them out and force a friend or two to relive the memories with me - for the first or tenth or hundred-and-first time!
That's how I want your images to be. Not just pretty pictures in a book, getting dusty on a shelf. Vibrant memories, full of life, that you'll want to drag your friends over to look at, again and again. Like me, I want you to be surrounded by images and memories that you just can't get enough of.  And I would be more than proud to be the one to help you make them!
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