Nadia was someone I had worked with before when I was a bridesmaid and I was so happy she was able to be a part of our wedding. She made us all feel so relaxed and made us genuinely feel like she was also having the best day as well as us. Thanks so much Nadia, I love the photos and so many amazing moments were captured.
Fantastic!! She did an amazing job and would recommend Nadia to everyone who is looking for a talented photographer.
She was caring, professional, and flexible with her time. She did a home based shoot with my new born twins and was very accommodating with their feeding times. The photos are beautiful. 
Your photos of Jess and Gee's wedding brought tears to our eyes, you have done a fantastic job and would recommend you to anybody.  Thanks for what you do. 
Thank you so much for taking such beautiful soul pictures of our wedding day.  Love them.  
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